Facts: Our client hired O’Connor & Associates to contest his property tax appraisal. When our client did not pay the percentage of the tax savings that was required, O’Connor & Associates filed suit against our client. However, our client filed a counterclaim alleging that O’Connor & Associates had failed to represent our client in a subsequent year, which resulted in our client’s tax rate being locked in at a higher rate and increasing our client’s tax liability by $317 per year. O’Connor & Associates failed to appear at trial, and its claims were dismissed, and we proved our client’s counterclaim. Our client obtained a judgment in the amount of $4,755.00, plus his $2,500.00 in attorney’s fees. The judgment was collected in full, with interest.

Result: Plaintiff took nothing on its claims, and our client was awarded $7,255. The judgment, plus interest, was paid in the amount of $7,630.35.

Amount Client Received: Client was paid his full damages and interest in the amount of $5,130.35.