Facts: Our client was a consultant for company that managed franchised gas stations, who refused to pay for client’s services. Our client was owed $11,297.70, and suit was filed for such amount. The opposing party failed to appear in the lawsuit, and a default judgment was entered in the full amount sought. The judgment was collected in full when a writ of execution was served. Upon conclusion of the case, the client endorsed our firm as follows:

“I hired Roger to collect money that was owed to my company. He relentlessly pursued my case to a judgment, and he collected every penny owed to me, with interest, and with all of the attorney’s fees I paid him. He told me that he could make no guarantees, but he came through! I was pleasantly surprised, and I would use his firm again!!”

Result: Default judgment for full amount sought, plus attorney’s fees and court costs.

Amount Client Received: Client received the full $11,297.70 that was owed to client, together with a reimbursement of all attorney’s fees and costs that client had paid.