Facts: Our clients were two of three partners of a business. The third partner had an injury, and failed to return to the business after recovery. Prior to the injury, this partner had begun treating the other two partners poorly. When the injured partner threatened to harm the business, our clients shut out the third partner. The third partner sued, claiming oppressive treatment by our clients. The dispute settled, whereby our clients agreed to sell their interest to the third partner. However, the settlement funds could not come from the business account. After payment was made, our research established that the third partner had paid from the business’s funds. We challenged her purchase, and based upon the evidence we gathered, our clients got the business back – 100% in their name – in a pretrial settlement, with no payment to the third partner.

Result: The case was settled, where by our clients got the entire business with no payments made for the same.

Amount Client Received: The other party’s share of the business. Our clients paid $20,444.49 in attorney’s fees, and they estimate that the value of the share of business recovered was $100,000.