Most Americans have seen the inside of a courtroom on television. You’ve seen the judge banging the gavel and asking for order in the courtroom. You’ve seen the outbursts and the jury deliberations. However, the truth of the matter is that the majority of cases never actually go to trial. So, even if you file a civil lawsuit, you may never truly see the inside of that courtroom.

In real-life, civil proceedings are a lot different from what you may have seen in the media. These types of cases involve settling disputes between civil parties and do not involve a criminal element. In 2017, civil proceedings increased by 6 percent across the United States as more businesses and individuals seek legal remedy through civil litigation.

One thing is certain — if you find yourself involved in civil proceedings or civil litigation, you will need an experienced civil attorney on your side from the start. Even if your case never proceeds to trial, their guidance and experience is invaluable. Your civil lawyer will be there to help ensure that you receive the settlement you need without the costly and time-consuming aspect of going to trial. If your case cannot be settled out of court, however, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced litigator on your team that will be able to advocate for you in a court of law.

What is a Civil Attorney?

A civil litigation attorney is a legal professional who works on lawsuits that are filed in civil courts. They can also work and participate in mediation and arbitration helping injured parties reach a resolution to even the most complex disputes. From car accidents to real estate matters, a civil litigation attorney will be there to help you resolve disputes and reach a settlement or agreement that benefits you and your family.

Typically, a civil litigation attorney handles a wide variety of cases including: Housing law, Labor and employment, Antitrust, Environmental law, Intellectual property, Product liability, Personal injury, Breach of contract, Business litigation, Construction litigation, Construction defects and Deceptive Trade Practices Act violations.

What is a Civil Lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit is a dispute that occurs between two parties. It can involve two businesses, two individuals, or an individual filing a lawsuit against a business. Civil lawsuits fall outside the criminal justice system. That means that if a crime occurred, you can still seek remedy in a court of law for the harm done to you and your business.

Some common examples of civil lawsuits occur when contractors breach their contracts with homeowners or with subcontractors. It can also include businesses who violate another business’ intellectual property.

In a civil lawsuit, plaintiffs also must meet a less strict burden of proof. Unlike criminal cases, a plaintiff filing a civil lawsuit must only show that there is a preponderance of evidence. This means that you just have to prove that there is just a 51% chance the other party committed the wrongs they are charged with.

The glaring differences between civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits was most evident during the OJ Simpson trial in the 1990s. The criminal courts could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that OJ Simpson committed the murders. As a result, he was found “not guilty.” In the civil suit filed against him, the judge concluded liability and awarded the families more than $33 million in damages.

Do You Need a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

If you have been the victim of a personal injustice — such as a breach of contract or a civil rights violation, you need an attorney on your side. An attorney that practices civil law will help you obtain the compensation you deserve after you suffered injustices. Your attorney will gather the evidence required to build a solid case that can help ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a civil litigation attorney can provide a number of different services. This could include deposing witnesses, hiring experts to testify on your behalf, gathering evidence, investigating liable parties, and devising a discovery plan. Civil attorneys can also help by drafting settlement agreements.

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