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entrepreneur working on his computerYour business is your livelihood and something you’ve worked hard to build. From small start-up ventures to mid-size and thriving local businesses, each one is unique and faces different challenges. As a Houston business law firm, our goal is to get to know you and your business, so we can find solutions that fit your needs precisely. From contract disputes to business transactions, no issue is too small. That’s because even the smallest business dispute or issue can affect the productivity and success of your business and your future.

At Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., we know that most businesses do not have the money to invest in large in-house legal teams. Your resources are better spent on growing your business. That is why our Houston business lawyer will work with your company to provide all the services of an in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost. Because we are trial attorneys first and foremost, we understand the business issues that will most likely end in litigation. We use this knowledge to create strong and tight contracts and agreements to help you avoid litigation before it even begins.

Business Transactions in Houston

When a business contract or agreement is too vague, businesses often find themselves facing lawsuits and litigation. That is why companies of all sizes need a law firm on their side that can help them draft solid contracts that mitigate the potential for future litigation.

Our business transaction lawyers have helped start-ups, small and mid-size businesses, and larger corporations with virtually all types of business transactions and issues, including:

  • Performing all transactional services
  • Financing purchases
  • Drafting employee contracts
  • Drafting or redesigning subcontractor agreements
  • Reviewing leases
  • Defending against business disputes

With over 20+ years experience assisting Houston businesses, there is a reason so many business owners contact Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., from the start. We work quickly to understand the scope of the problem and help you mitigate your losses. We then fight aggressively to protect your business and your investments in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Business Formations in Houston

When you are ready to launch a new business venture, the steps you take initially can significantly impact your company’s future success. One of the most important steps you can take is to contact a lawyer with experience handling business formations. Do you know how your company should be organized? What about tax issues and implications? Do you know what loans and agreements you may need to enter when forming?

At Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., we take the time to understand your vision and your company’s future path. We then use our knowledge of Texas business law to help you select the type of business entity that best suits your needs and goals, including:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Limited partnership (LP)
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Incorporation
    • S Corporation
    • C corporation
  • Professional corporations

When we help you analyze and develop your business plan, we will work with you to consider all the implications of each business formation. Which formation will allow you to minimize the taxes your business pays? Which formation will protect you and your personal assets should your company face future litigation?

Noncompete Agreements

Companies often need airtight and solid noncompete agreements when hiring and working with employees and independent contractors. These agreements protect the employer’s interests and intellectual property should the employee leave the company, become employed by a competitor, or start their own business.

At Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., we work with both employees and employers when noncompete agreement issues arise, such as:

  • Challenging the terms of a noncompete agreement
  • Enforcing a noncompete agreement
  • Drafting or reviewing a noncompete agreement

One of the keys to avoiding noncompete agreement disputes is to carefully draft a solid document from the start. If an agreement is too restrictive, employers often have a false sense of security. When a noncompete agreement contains broadly written language, this can leave room for broader courtroom interpretations that could harm your business and your future.

As reputable and experienced Houston trial attorneys, we understand how courts interpret noncompete agreements and the language that can prevent disputes from arising. This knowledge helps us protect our clients from costly litigation and arbitration by stopping disputes before they start.

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Starting your own business or growing an existing company is exciting. It takes a considerable amount of time, dedication, and passion to do. It also takes extensive resources and planning. At Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., our business attorneys in Houston know how to assist you and your partners with a variety of business law matters. We want to be there every step of the way from helping you choose your business formation to resolving disputes. If your case does end up in court, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced team of business litigators on your side. Call at (713) 981-0600 or fill out our confidential contact form to learn more about your legal options.

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