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Steve K.

I was represented by Thomas Smith from the Jain law firm in a case. The rates were a little more pricier than the typical high costs of an attorney but was worth the cost since his fees were shadowed by the additional amount he was able to save. I was ready for the court date with typical items that one would consider but Thomas evaluated the case and made the results much, much more fair to me than they would have been. I appreciate the detail and fast email response. Also, Thomas and his colleagues explained all the phases and steps of the case so I wouldn’t misunderstand what was next. I recommend this firm highly.”


“If you’re looking for a five star attorney that is honest, that listens to you, respects you, and will work diligently to give you the justice you desire, then look no further. Roger G Jain is the attorney for you! I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney- client relationship. The service of his office was outstanding, communication was impeccable, and honesty and genuineness is unmatched. In the middle of a global pandemic, Roger accepted my case and helped me get the justice, I so desperately needed.”


“I was referred to Roger G. Jain & Associate by my Legal Shield Attorney to handle my child support case. Mr. Thomas Smith was very courteous and Professional. They were able to resolve my case. I received all my overpayment. I would highly recommend Roger G. Jain & Associate for Legal needs.”

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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“Roger and his team are outstanding lawyers. His team is very good at understanding the facts and providing options to complex cases. They are very good at the settlement of the cases and their success rate is very high.”


“I was a defendant in a touch-and-go surplus funds case. Winning my share was very uncertain, but Roger G. Jain & Associates went all in for me, and I won the case. Their fee was reasonable as well, the lawyers who worked with me were friendly and kind, and they kept me well-informed and instilled confidence in me that I could win. Roger G. Jain & Associates advocated for me, and did it during the inconveniences and uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic this year. I give the firm 10+ out of 10.”


“Referral agency led to contact with Roger’s agency and all the preliminary out of state representation and then my travel from CA to settle a business legal matter was streamlined and I felt well represented and advised in a mediation of corporate case.”

Contracts Client

“I sought advice from Roger Jain regarding some ambiguity with my apartment lease since it seemed that they had not upheld their end of the terms. He was very quick and honest in his responses of what options I had. I would highly recommend his services.”

Criminal Defense Client

“The lawyers from the firm were very knowledgeable about my case. They were there for me in court each time. I did not have to call or search for my lawyer when I had to report for court. Each lawyer communicated with one another about the specifics of my case. They all were very kind and professional. I was always greeted with kind words and after each court appearance, I was briefed about my case by all of the lawyers. They asked me about my feelings about things that happened in court. They were very concerned about my well being. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone.”


“I had used other firms before, but after receiving the first court filing on my behalf I knew this guy was in my corner. That’s all a client wants to know is that the guy they’re paying to represent them has they’re back.”


“I have only good things to say about Roger Jain, we had a very difficult lawsuit with our builder, because of his excellent preparation of the case we won. His follow up with all the process was and is excellent until today”


“Roger Jain and Associates defended me in an excellent manner against a former landlord. The case was resolved by mediation. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Roger and his staff as an excellent defense attorney.”


“Roger handled my case with utmost attention to detail. He is communicative and responsive and got me the decision I needed.”

Criminal Defense Client

“I have used Mr. Jain more than once over the past few years to resolve legal issues for me. First time was a personal legal matter, second was a criminal matter with possible jail time. Mr. Jain was able to quickly put me at ease, explained in detail what needed to be done, what I could expect, possible time frame it may take in each matter. I was so grateful that I had chosen him to represent me both in both cases. I have even recommended him to others, which is something I usually will not do, but given the trust I have in Mr. Jain’s Law Firm, I was happy to tell others of his work.”


“I found this lawyer through my employee assistance program and they were great. The first firm I was referred to never even returned my call. Mr. Jain’s office returned all my calls and email right away. My case wasn’t one for profit and did not cost a ton of money and yet they were alway eager to help me and answer my questions right away. From the beginning they were knowledge and sent me all then necessary paperwork. From start all the way through the court date they were friendly and efficient. I would definitely recommend this law firm.”

Business Litigation Client

“Roger Jain acted very well as my attorney. He was fast, clear, and effective. He was able to write a response to a frivolous lawsuit filed against me, and I was saved from unnecessary litigation.”

DWI Client

“I was very pleased with the representation that I received from Roger Jain. He was very accommodating and respectful of my time. I felt like I could contact him and/or his firm anytime I had any questions or concerns. I appreciated his guidance and patience with me by not letting me agree/accept any rushed decisions just because I wanted things done and over with. When things were final, Roger stayed behind and made absolute sure I new the next steps to take and what all to expect within the next year. I would highly recommend Roger Jain to represent anyone when it comes to DUI/DWI issue.”

Criminal Defense Client

“Roger and Thomas were excellent with handling my case!! They were always a pleasure to speak with!!! Thomas is brilliant and always kept me informed! Documents were always professionally written, and desired results were achieved!!”


“I was referred to Mr. Roger Jain this last spring, and having never dealt with a legal problem, I was clueless and a bit anxious.  Mr.Jain and his associates walked me through the process and promptly answered all my questions. They kept me informed every step of the way and their knowledge experience brought a conclusion to my case in less than two weeks.”


“Very friendly and helpful! Roger and his team was able to get my company a large payment from one of our clients, whose attorney was trying to subvert our contract and applicable laws. Thanks guys!”


“My experience with Roger Jain & Associates was great! My attorney, Thomas Smith was very clear and direct. He was also personable which helps when dealing with legal matters. Because of that, I believe he represented me to the prosecutor in a way that I would have represented myself.


“The most important part of my experience was their capability to listen and hear what I said. This was vital in their being able to proceed and ask the right questions to the opposing counsel. There were timely replies to any question I had and usually I was contacted first. I appreciate how professional the team was and would recommend them to anyone needing their services.”


“Roger Jain and Associates are awesome, very knowledgeable and professional, not once have I been left without a quick response to my questions or calls, they go out of their way to return a call even after office hours, they have helped my family in 2 cases and 1 has been settled with approved outcome, 1 is still pending but I do want to say they are on top of the situation and whatever the outcome of my case is, there is no doubt in my mind that they have served me and my case well.”


“I have sought advice from Roger Jain on several occasions including two major issues. He has always given me his honest advice, which I trust. He is very thorough and detailed in his approach. He really takes the time to explain the underlying issues and put the matter in layman’s terms. Overall, I would recommend Roger Jain as an attorney.”

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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DWI client

“I am very happy with Roger Jain and everyone in his office that I talked to or had email correspondence with. They are all very professional, knowledgeable and respond quickly to any questions or concerns I have. I was always kept up to speed on my case and was well informed on the legal process and what to expect. It is obvious that this law office is experienced and well qualified, this was a huge relief to me during the stressful situation I had gotten myself into.”


“Roger was an exceptional lawyer. He went out of his way to make sure we were on top of my case. He kept me informed throughout the entire trial and made it a priority. I was exonerated from all charges as promised. I will continue to use and recommend his services if necessary in the future.”


“A tough attorney with a heart! I went to Roger and Tom with a legal issue and he immediately took charge, worked out a plan for me and resolved the issue in my favor. His legal expertise and compassion is a combination of qualities that commands respect. Roger and Tom is trustworthy and fair. When you hire them, you KNOW you’re in the best of hands. I recommend him highly!”


“Roger will take personal interest in your case and represent you as if he was in your place. I found Roger to be very caring and intelligent. He truly wants the best outcome for you! He or his staff would always answer my emails in a very timely manner, and not just some short answer to get rid of you. The questions were answered very thoroughly, well researched, and easy to understand. On several occasions I needed to speak with Roger and he always called me back, even sometimes late into the evening. The personal attention he gave me always made me feel like I was his only client. Roger always took the time to explain what was going on to me and made sure I understood it as well. I never felt rushed with him, but actually always felt like I was a priority.”


“Mr. Jain and his staff were awesome and very respectful of my case. They kept me very informed and I felt that the information provided was clear, concise and honest. They truly seem to care.”


“I am pleased to write a referral for Thomas Smith and the Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C. law firm.  I recently engaged Mr. Smith as my counsel for a family legal matter.  I was unfamiliar with the general process for this legal matter, and Mr. Smith patiently answered my questions and explained to me what to expect on two calls before I even officially hired him.  Throughout the entire legal process, Mr. Smith remained in touch and provided me with crisp and clear legal counsel on how to proceed and about next steps.  My legal matter has now concluded with a satisfactory resolution, and I am very pleased I hired Mr. Smith to have represented me.  I recommend him and the Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C. law firm without reservation.”


“I found myself going through a divorce several years ago and as a father to two children, I wanted to make sure that my rights were protected. After researching several law firms, I chose Roger G Jain & Associates based on their success rates and personal attention to their clients. After my initial meeting with my attorney Tom Smith, I knew I made the right choice for representation. Tom took the time to listen to my case and was always available whenever I had questions. Tom was professional and very compassionate about my situation. Tom guided me through the very complicated and emotionally draining process. After the court hearing, the judge ruled in my favor and I was able to keep my children in a positive environment. I had been told by many people who have gone through a divorce that fathers have a tough time getting a fair ruling, but because of Tom’s knowledge and professionalism, I was able to have a favorable outcome in my case.”


“I was introduced to Roger Jain & Associates through my employer’s legal referral program. I never worked with an attorney before, so I did not know what to expect. I needed some legal advice and counsel to pursue damages in a dispute with the management company of my previous apartment complex–a national company with assets in the billions of dollars. Over the course of the engagement, I worked with Roger Jain, AJ Gonzalez and Thomas Smith.

Roger, AJ and Tom were all insightful, attentive, timely and, most importantly, thorough. At every point during the engagement, they advised on the pros and cons of each alternative to pursue the best strategy and understand the legal ramifications. Ultimately, they helped me secure a settlement that met ALL of my demands while protecting me against future actions from the management company.

I am so glad that I hired Roger Jain & Associates and cannot recommend them highly enough. Now that I have deposited the settlement payment(!), I am looking forward to working with them again and have already hired them to advise on another matter.

I can think of no greater endorsement than my trust and repeat business.  I am very gratefully for their service, and the kindness and consideration they gave me.”


“I had an opportunity to use their services.  I was very happy with their professional and courteous services.  They were able to resolve the case in my favor.  I used them for my company Naturomulch, LLC”


I, personally endorse the Law Firm of Roger G Jain, both he and his associiate Thomas were curteous and very professional and resolved my case favorably.”

Business Litigation Client

I recently retained Roger Jain and his associate Thomas Smith as counsel for an unfair litigation.  I feel like they did a great job of representing me and my family and they were very strategic in their approach.  The case against us was dropped as a result of their expertise and we continue to maintain our reputation of persons of good character and integrity.  Thank you!”


I endorse this law firm. Mr. Thomas is knowledgeable, personable, and professional- qualities I would look for as a potential client.
Mr. Roger and our company have worked for many years, and Thomas and Roger have always been hard-working and passionate about their job.
Both lawyers are highly competent and I trust them to handle our business matters from start to finish. Thank you so much Mr. Roger and Mr Thomas.”

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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Divorce Client

I highly recommend Mr. Roger and Thomas, I was very pleased with their service. Thomas was very professional and well prepared for my case. When I needed advice or help at any time he always addressed my questions or concerns. I felt at ease and in good hands. I am very pleased with their service and I highly recommend them.”


It has been 14 years we have been working with Roger Jain and Thomas Smith. They have an excellent service, very easy to communicate. They make it very clear and easy to understand complicated issues. I trust them a lot and appreciate the excellent service they have been providing.”


Mr. Jain and everyone in his office were very reliable and worked on my behalf very quickly. In the future if I ever need any legal services they offer, they will be my go to law office.”

Civil Litigation Client

They were easy to work with and were able to come to a settlement quick and painless! I would work with them again in the future! Feels good to know there are actual attorneys who care for their clients!”


Over than 10 years, I am working with Mr Roger. They are the most trustable law firm that I can trust everything to them. Mr Roger is a very realistic and extensive experience. He always guide me right. Many thanks to Mr Roger and his team.”


Outstanding law firm, Roger took the time to explain all my options and helped me settle a civil suit……very honest, upfront and I highly recommend this law firm.”


I hired Roger Jain four years ago to help me with Contractors and their workmanship. Initially it was thought the matter would be rather short and resolved in a timely matter. It turned out that after a thorough investigation by Roger Jain and his firm that the damages were in the millions. Roger and his team did their best to resolve the dispute without going to trial but to no avail. Roger was an excellent trial lawyer and his team was well prepared! I hope to not ever to go through another legal issue but if I do I will definitely call Roger Jain!”


I was referred to Roger G. Jain & Associates by someone I trust to handle a personal injury claim I was having trouble with. As with any company, they were upfront about costs, and how the legal system works which I was grateful for so as to avoid any ‘surprise’ costs later in the game. Upon retaining the firm, they were thorough, and professional in every aspect of the case. Communications were clear and direct and I was kept apprised of progress on a regular interval. My email questions were answered in a reasonable time frame and followup questions were answered. I felt that the firm represented myself and my case in the best possible way which ultimately resulted in a positive outcome. I would highly recommend their services.”


My husband and I were referred to Roger G. Jain Associates when we had almost lost hope of recovering fund which we paid for Furniture/Shipping; but the Shipping Agent made away with our money. Roger G. Jain Associates gave us hope with their professional way of being courteous and approachable to their clients. They assured us that our fund would be recovered. This they did by systematically/tactically following the case to a logical end. They were also briefing and counselling us at intervals until this fund was miraculously recovered by them. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs professional Attorneys for any type of issue. They made us proud and I doff for them. Kudos!”


I was blessed to be referred to the Roger G. Jain Law Office several years ago. I was always treated courteous, professionally and respectfully. Mr. Jain’s office kept me abreast every step of the way during my litigation process. I was truly surprised to find myself in the comfort of a busy but very caring firm. I was always treated like a person, not a client. My concerns were always taken seriously, all of my questions were answered and at no time was I ever rushed or made to feel I wasn’t important. If ever I am in need of legal counsel, I know exactly where to find the Roger G. Jain Law Firm. After being represented by Roger G. Jain, I’ll never look for another Attorney to represent me. This is my firm for Life!!”


This is a very courteous and informative firm. They explore every avenue for their clients with the their clients best interest at high priority. I would recommend this firm to anyone of any level of knowledge of the law.”


Roger Jain & Associates is the best at what they do!”


Great customer service….prompt….”


I have worked with Thomas for about 6 years or so during my initial divorce and modification. He is always so helpful and returns my calls/emails promptly. He listens to my concerns and answers all of my questions so I have a clear understanding of what is happening, what to expect and what my decision making should include in my case. I would recommend and have recommended Thomas to many of my friends.”

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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Roger Jain and team were excellent with my case. They were truly with me the entire way. Roger was not only knowledgeable in all facets of the case, but helped me understand every aspect. I would highly recommend Roger G. Jain and team.”

DWI Client

We hired Roger for husbands DWI. The legal process is so daunting but Roger made it bearable. It turned into a year long process and happy beyond words to say its finally over ! Roger and his team covered every scenario thoroughly and always worked with our choice. He was always easy to contact ; text, email or phone and never made it feel like we were inconveniencing him at all. I highly recommend and would use him again.”


Roger G. Jain was referred to me by someone I trust. I was so elated with the choice. Mr. Jain was so easy to communicate with. His approachable personality made it simple for me to relate my problem; there were briefing and counselling for me and my husband, and the money our opponent wanted from us did not play into his hands. After a few weeks of verbal and professionally written contacts, no court visits and my case was closed. Thanks to Mr. Jain and Associates… certainly a 5*****”


The office of Roger Jain and associates did an excellent job handling my case involving an airline losing part of my luggage. This issue has been going on for a year. This law firm was able to resolve the case in about 2 months. I am satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

Criminal Defense Client

After consulting with Roger, I decided to hire his firm to represent my son with a pending case in Fort bend County (AKA Fort ‘Beast’ County). This was my first time having to hire an attorney and was very skeptical, but Roger and his law staff put everything into perspective and explained the process and what is to be expected throughout the entire ordeal.

Communication and consultations with Roger and Thomas throughout the process was a regular occurrence. They were only a phone call, email or text away anytime I had a question or concern. Court appointments and appearances were effective. Roger takes his attorney-client relationship seriously and always considered my input into the case along with his expertise, effectively resulting in a dismissed case.

I would highly recommend Roger and his team to anyone needing competent attorney representation.”

Civil Litigation Client

I was referred to Roger Jain and associates to handle a lawsuit against me. Thomas Smith led a team that rapidly took hold of my case; was very welcoming, thorough, efficient, and had great communication. Thomas represented me in court and called me afterwards to give me immediate updates. Thomas and team were in short …Wonderful.”


Roger and his team are a brilliant group of professionals. I had a very complex, international issue that other attorneys were unable to understand, let resolve.
Roger Jain and his colleague Thomas Smith instantly recognized the key issues of my case, did world-class research very quickly and represented my needs very well.
If you’re looking for a responsive attorney that can handle extreme complexity, quickly and efficiently you need to contact Roger Jain and his team.”


I contracted with Roger G. Jain because of a contested insurance claim. I received good advice, was kept informed, and got the outcome I had hoped for. We communicated primarily via email, but that was sufficient and kept the cost down. I recommend this law firm.”

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

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Divorce Client

Thomas and Jordan did an excellent job with my case. They were sincere, honest, and made the process as simple as possible. They also answered all questions I had in a timely fashion. I greatly appreciated their help during that tough time in my life.”