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The following are some of the results our attorneys have achieved for our clients.

In each of the cases below, one of our attorneys served as lead counsel or was primarily responsible for the settlement or verdict. We cannot guarantee any particular result. The outcome of each case depends on the specific factual and legal circumstances involved.

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Civil Results


Facts: Our client was injured by a semi-truck driver while driving his motorcycle.   The insurance company refused to settle, requiring our client to file suit.  The insurance company claimed there were “witnesses” even though none were listed on the police report.  During our investigation of the case, we discovered that the “witnesses” were professional witnesses who had no knowledge of the details of the accident.

Cause No. 2017-73825; Trevor Pope v. Harvey Smith and Builders Transportation Company, LLC; in the 157th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas

Amount Received: Confidential Settlement


Facts: Our client was a minor child, who was a passenger in auto accident, and who suffered a torn ACL. The case resulted in a confidential settlement.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Amount Client Received: Confidential Settlement

Construction & Real Estate


Facts: Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien asserted against it for $18,134.33. The claim was settled shortly after litigation began.

Result: Settled for $10,000


Facts: Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien claim asserted against it for $39,043.02. We discovered that only $8,298.23 of the claim related to materials delivered to our client’s property.

Result: Settled for $1,000

Credit Card Defense

LVNV Funding, LLC

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Hosto Buchan Prater & Lawrence, PLLC

Case Number: 61111280

Court: 9th District Court (Montgomery County)

Amount in Controversy: $8,614.25

Result: Dismissed by Plaintiff

Asset Acceptance, LLC

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Fulton Friedman & Gullace, LLP

Case Number: 1028748

Court: Harris County Court #1

Amount in Controversy: $7,008.28

Result: Dismissed by Plaintiff

Criminal Cases

Assault with bodily injury to a public servant

Type: 3rd degree felony

Facts: Client was accused of hitting a teacher with a chair. Client had been diagnosed with autism and did not appreciate the consequences of his actions. Also, the act was not purposefully directed toward the teacher.

Result: Dismissed

Claim lottery prize by fraud

Type: 3rd degree felony

Result: Reduced to a misdemeanor and sentenced to time served (1 day)



Facts: Our client landlord rented a home to a woman and her boyfriend. Without our client’s knowledge, the woman’s father was the sole resident in the home. The father refused to pay the amount of rent that our client and the woman agreed to. We filed an eviction lawsuit after the father refused to vacate the home.

Result: Judgment in favor of our client

Amount Client Received: Client was awarded a judgment for $950 in back rent, $1,400 in attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest.


Facts: Client’s landlord attempted to force client to pay rent when her rent was entirely paid for by HUD

Result: Dismissed

Amount Client Received: n/a